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  • The Good Karma Hospital - Series 1 & 2 Box Set [DVD]The Good Karma Hospital - Series 1 & 2 Box Set | DVD | (23/04/2018 from £14.99   |  Saving you £0.00 (0.00%)   |  RRP £14.99

    Junior Doctor Ruby Walker (Amrita Acharia) has fled a cold, grey England after a broken relationship and decided to fly off in search of adventure with a glamorous hospital job in tropical South India. Anticipating sunshine, palm trees, and picture-perfect beaches; prepared for sacred cows, tuk-tuks and Delhi-belly; what she doesn't expect is everything she finds at the under-resourced and over-worked Good Karma Hospital. Run by the no-nonsense Doctor Lydia Fonseca (Amanda Redman) the Good Karma Hospital turns no-one away locals, ex-pats or tourists. In the company of laidback, beach-bar owner Greg (Neil Morrissey), and tourists-turned residents Maggie and Paul (Phyllis Logan & Philip Jackson), Ruby adjusts to life in India as she realizes that the Good Karma Hospital may be more than just a rundown medical outpost it might just be home. In Series Two, we re-join the team a year later, where Dr. Fonseca is still a force to be reckoned with. She is determined to kick Ruby out of her comfort zone as a doctor but it may prove too much too soon when she makes a snap decision in a crisis that could cost a patient's life. Ruby also connects with her Indian heritage when a lost relative gets in touch, and her discovery brings her closer to Dr Varma. As we delve deeper into the Keralan sub-tropical paradise, excitement, despair, adventure and hardship are never far away, but a solution can always be found at The Good Karma Hospital.

  • War & Peace [DVD] [2015]War & Peace | DVD | (08/02/2016 from £9.99   |  Saving you £15.00 (60.00%)   |  RRP £24.99

    BASED ON THE CLASSIC NOVEL BY LEO TOLSTOY In 1805 when we first meet Pierre (Paul Dano), Natasha (Lily James), and Andrei (James Norton), they are all part of St Petersburg's glittering elite, but are fired-up with youthful ambition to find meaning in their lives. Kind- hearted but awkward Pierre, the illegitimate son of Russia's richest man, wants to change the world for the better. Handsome and gallant Andrei, frustrated with the superficiality of his life, seeks a purpose, while the beautiful and spirited Natasha is searching for true love. At the same time Napoleon's army edges ever closer to Russia's borders. As everything they thought they knew is questioned, Pierre, Andrei and Natasha find themselves in a time when Russian society is about to change forever. EXTRAS - Cast and Crew Interviews and Featurettes

  • Charmed: Complete Seasons 1-8 [DVD]Charmed: Complete Seasons 1-8 | DVD | (03/02/2014 from £32.72   |  Saving you £4.84 (12.90%)   |  RRP £37.56

    When the beautiful Halliwell sisters inherit a house from their grandmother and discover a secret 'Book of Shadows', they learn that they each have a unique power. Bringing a spell of excitement, adventure and fun as Prue (Shannen Doherty), Piper (Holly Marie Combs), and Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) continue their journey as modern-day witches. Individually, each is strong, but it is only by putting aside their differences and banding together as the 'Power of Three' that they will be able to prote...

  • Davina: 7 Minute Fit - New for 2015 [DVD]Davina: 7 Minute Fit - New for 2015 | DVD | (26/12/2014 from £6.19   |  Saving you £0.80 (11.40%)   |  RRP £6.99

    Davina has sold over 1 million fitness DVD’s and has been THE face of fitness for the past 10 years. She is the most popular female host on TV. She is the face of BAFTA Award winning ‘Long Lost Family’ (ITV1) ‘Got to Dance’ (SKY) and ‘Million Pound Drop’ (C4). Davina has 1.8 million twitter followers. In 2014 she has heavily supported her title in social media and she is committed to doing more for this new title. The 7 minute workout phenomenon has swept the US following significant scientific evidence for the exercise technique.

  • South Park: Seasons 6-10 [DVD]South Park: Seasons 6-10 | DVD | (28/11/2016 from £19.99   |  Saving you £0.00 (0.00%)   |  RRP £19.99

    COME ON DOWN TO SOUTH PARK WITH THIS EPIC BOX SET! Over 70 classic episodes from Seasons 6 through 10 of South Park have been packed into this kick-ass Collector's Edition! It's all here, from Lemmiwinks and Professor Chaos, to A.W.E.S.O.M.-O and Chef's final episode! So join Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny as they take on global warming, the Woodland Critters, and the legend of ManBearPig. For them, it's all part of growing up in South Park! BONUS FEATURES: Over 5 Hours of Mini Commentaries by the creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone

  • Doc Martin - Series 8 [DVD]Doc Martin - Series 8 | DVD | (13/11/2017 from £11.99   |  Saving you £-2.12 (-21.50%)   |  RRP £9.87

    The much-loved drama returns for an eighth series! Martin Clunes reprises his role as the gruff but affable GP Martin Ellingham. Having rekindled their relationship, Martin and Louisa must navigate their way through busy jobs, a teething toddler and the medical needs of Portwenn's residents.

  • Angel - Complete Season 1-5 (New Packaging) [DVD]Angel - Complete Season 1-5 (New Packaging) | DVD | (03/10/2011 from £29.99   |  Saving you £9.09 (23.30%)   |  RRP £39.08

    Divine action, Devilish thrills and a killer new look! The continuing blood sucking saga...unleashed again on DVD!Angel, a 240-year old vampire cursed with a conscience, haunts the dark streets of Los Angeles alone. But after he meets a half-demon with mysterious visions, Angel realises his true purpose: to help those in danger with the hope that he may have a chance to redeem himself and save his own soul. With Cordelia and Doyle at his side, he forms Angel Investigations, and is soon joined by Wesley, Gunn, Lorne and Fred. He will need all their expertise to fight the growing forces of evil, and the supernatural law firm of Wolfram and Hart.

  • Stick Man [DVD] [2016]Stick Man | DVD | (01/02/2016 from £3.59   |  Saving you £6.40 (64.10%)   |  RRP £9.99

    From the creators of the Oscar-nominated films, The Gruffalo and Room on the Broom, comes a new animated short film, Stick Man, based on the picture book written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler. Out for his regular jog, Stick Man is picked up by a playful dog and launched on a series of unfortunate adventures which take him ever further away from his family tree. As the seasons pass, Stick Man meets a surprising friend who might just be able to help him home. But will he make it time for Christmas? An exciting and heart warming adventure with the voices of Hugh Bonneville, Rob Brydon, Martin Freeman, Sally Hawkins, Jennifer Saunders, Russell Tovey.

  • The West Wing - Complete Season 1-7 (New Slimline Box Set) [DVD]The West Wing - Complete Season 1-7 (New Slimline Box Set) | DVD | (16/07/2009 from £43.95   |  Saving you £3.99 (8.30%)   |  RRP £47.94

    Follow the trials and tribulations of the Bartlet administration in this monolith of a box set featuring 43 discs and all 159 episodes of the critically acclaimed US political drama. Packed with an awesome array of special features this is one the hard core fans won't be able to resist! For episode listings please refer to the individual seasons.

  • Once Upon A Time S6 [DVD]Once Upon A Time S6 | DVD | (16/10/2017 from £11.99   |  Saving you £0.00 (0.00%)   |  RRP £11.99

    Brace yourself for a high-stakes, game-changing leap of tested faith, twisted fate and tantalising fantasy in ABC Studios' Once Upon a Time: The Complete Sixth Season. After Regina crushes the heart of her Dark Half, it appears Storybrooke will finally enjoy an era of tranquility. But this reprieve is short-lived when the Evil Queen reemerges and wreaks a level of havoc and terror that makes her previous cruelties pale by comparison. Desperate to right her counterpart's wrongs, Regina fights the ultiamte battle against her nemesis, but can one survive if the other is destroyed? Meanwhile, Gold's attempt to win back Belle before their child is born has heartbreaking consequences; Snow and David face a new, even more insidious curse; and just as Emma begins to envision a happy ending with Hook, she discovers she's destined, as the Saviour, to die at the hands of a sword-shielding assassin - unless she can somehow change her fate. Reveal all 22 captivating episodes of Season 6. Plus, unravel never-before-seen bonus features as you become caught in the wickedly tangled web that is Once Upon A Time. Features: The Other Shoe With Commentary By Director/Executive Producer Steve Pearlman And Writers Jane Espenson & Jerome Schwartz The Storybrooke Songbook: Inside the Musical Episode THE FAIREST BLOOPERS OF THEM ALL Deleted Scenes

  • Les Miserables [DVD] [2019]Les Miserables | DVD | (25/02/2019 from £9.99   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    A Ground-Breaking Bbc Adaptation Of Victor Hugo'S Epic Novel Against The Epic Backdrop Of France At A Time Of Civil Unrest, Les Misérables Is The Story Of Jean Valjean, A Former Convict Unable To Escape The Shadow Of His Past Life. His Future Is Threatened By His Nemesis, The Chilling Police Officer And Former Prison Guard Javert, Who Is Determined To Bring Him To Justice. Meanwhile Fantine, A Working Class Woman Abandoned By Her Rich Lover, Is Driven To Increasingly Desperate Measures To Provide For Her Young Daughter. Their Stories Collide And As A Revolutionary Violence Ignites On The Streets Of Paris, Jean Valjean Begins An Epic Journey Towards Self-Acceptance, Redemption And Love. Includes Bonus Features: An Introduction Battle Of Waterloo The Look Of Les Misérables Behind The Barricades Plus 6 Exclusive Art Cards .

  • My Family - Complete Series 1-11 Box Set [DVD]My Family - Complete Series 1-11 Box Set | DVD | (05/12/2011 from £27.99   |  Saving you £3.98 (12.40%)   |  RRP £31.97

    The complete boxed set of the BBC 1 comedy series My Family where put-upon dentist Ben Harper (Robert Lindsay) is long suffering husband to Susan (Zoe Wannamaker) and father to three very different and often difficult children - nice but dim Nick (Kris Marshall), shopaholic student Janey (Daniela Denby-Ashe) and prodigy Michael (Gabriel Thomson).For individual series episode listings please refer to the individual products.

  • Downton Abbey: A Moorland Holiday [DVD]Downton Abbey: A Moorland Holiday | DVD | (17/04/2019 from £5.00   |  Saving you £0.00 (0.00%)   |  RRP £5.00

    In the Downton Abbey 2014 Christmas Special its the grouse season and Rose’s father-in-law Lord Sinderby has rented Brancaster Castle in Northumberland and invited the Crawleys to a shooting party. While good sport is enjoyed a butler with an axe to grind and a scandalous secret threaten to undermine the holiday. Surprises are in store as the families become better acquainted with each other and some new faces arrive on the scene. Meanwhile the servants hold the fort back at Downton and unlikely later-life romances abound. As Anna faces an uncertain future behind bars Bates takes drastic measures in a bid to clear her name. The seasons change and another Christmas is enjoyed at Downton Abbey. As the family and their servants revel in the festivities there will be romance a heart-breaking farewell sad memories of loved ones lost and a joyful reunion...

  • Spiral Series 6 [DVD] [2018]Spiral Series 6 | DVD | (17/04/2019 from £10.99   |  Saving you £1.72 (13.50%)   |  RRP £12.71

    Spiral is back for another intriguing, gripping and critically acclaimed series about the imperfect people upholding law and order in Paris. Laure Berthaud returns early from maternity leave to help the team put a name to an anonymous murder victim identifiable only by use of his dismembered torso. Meanwhile, a high-profile trial involving a boy accused of murdering his own father tempts a jaded Joséphine. Magistrate Roban grows distracted and makes uncharacteristic mistakes.

  • Plebs - Series 1-4 Box Set [DVD]Plebs - Series 1-4 Box Set | DVD | (04/06/2018 from £16.99   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    Plebs follows three desperate young men from the suburbs as they try to get laid, hold down jobs and climb the social ladder in the big city... of Ancient Rome! Marcus (Tom Rosenthal), Stylax (Joel Fry) and their lazy slave Grumio (Ryan Sampson) live in a grotty apartment block run by a dodgy Landlord (Karl Theobald) and work in dead end jobs for a ruthless boss Flavia (Doon Mackichan). But when a couple of fit Britons Cynthia (Sophie Colquhoun) and Metella (Lydia Rose Bewley) arrive in the neighbourhood things start to look up. Also featuring cameo stars including Danny Dyer, from orgy etiquette to being bashful down the bathhouse, this is Ancient Rome like you've never seen before. Other Guest Stars include Simon Callow, Shaun Williamson, Lauren Socha, Tim Key, and James Fleet.

  • Ghost Whisperer - The Complete Seasons 1-5 [DVD]Ghost Whisperer - The Complete Seasons 1-5 | DVD | (21/03/2011 from £29.99   |  Saving you £1.61 (5.10%)   |  RRP £31.60

    Melinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt) has the amazing ability to communicate with earthbound spirits who have unfinished business in our world. Melinda soon discovers that such a gift is both a blessing and a curse, as she tries to help the ghosts who are trying to cross over and the people that they haunt. Experience all the chills and the emotional drama in this spectacular collection, containing every episode of the acclaimed series. It's a must-have for every Ghost Whisperer fan!

  • The Affair - Season 4 [DVD] [2018]The Affair - Season 4 | DVD | (17/12/2018 from £12.99   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    A struggling novelist and a young waitress strike up an extramarital relationship that promises to forever change the course of their lives.

  • Doctor Who The Macra Terror [Blu-Ray Steelbook] [2019]Doctor Who The Macra Terror | Blu Ray | (25/03/2019 from £22.99   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    The original 1967 master recordings of 'The Macra Terror' were lost soon after the programme's original transmission. However, audio-only recordings have survived and have been used here to create a brand new fully animated reconstruction of this lost classic. With highly detailed hand-drawn animation carefully lip-synced with the original 1967 audio, this new production allows viewers to once again experience this Doctor Who chiller in full. The Doctor (Patrick Troughton) and his companions (Jamie, Polly and Ben) arrive on a human colony in the far flung future. The colony outwardly appears to be happy and carefree. But behind it's cheerful exterior the colony has been secretly infiltrated by a race of giant parasitic crab creatures called the Macra. The Macra brainwash the human colonists to mine toxic gas in the levels below the colony. Ruling the colony from a control centre in the heart of the main city they scuttle down to the city at night looking for food. The Doctor's friend Ben is soon taken over by the Macra and under their malign influence, he turns against the Doctor. As more colonists are picked off in the night and as their influence spreads, the Doctor sets out to bring an end to the Macra terror.

  • Still Game Series 8 [DVD]Still Game Series 8 | DVD | (16/04/2018 from £9.98   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    Iconic comedy series Still Game returns with another hilarious six-part series following the capers of lifelong friends Jack Jarvis and Victor McDade as they cope with everything modern life throws at them. Created, written by and starring Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill, Still Game visits the fictional Glasgow suburb of Craiglang where Jack, Victor and the rest of the gang show us exactly how to grow old disgracefully. 6 EPISODES: Fly Fishing Grim up North Balls Up South Africa Pie The Fall Guy

  • Madam Secretary: Season 3 [DVD]Madam Secretary: Season 3 | DVD | (25/09/2017 from £9.51   |  Saving you £1.83 (16.10%)   |  RRP £11.34

    A political drama which looks into the life of the Secretary of State as she tries to balance work with family

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