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  • The Trials Of Life [1990]The Trials Of Life | DVD | (27/09/2004 from £8.99   |  Saving you £21.00 (70.00%)   |  RRP £29.99

    On the coast of Christmas Island a beach is painted crimson by the bodies of a million scarlet crabs all choosing the same moment to lay their eggs in the sea. In East Africa an elephant calf is born and the females in the herd crowd around the newcomer collaborating in looking after their young. On a Patagonian beach sea-lions lounge in supposed safety as a tall wave concealing the huge presence of a killer whale thunders towards the shore. Following the extraordinary se

  • Inside Nature's Giants [DVD] [2010]Inside Nature's Giants | DVD | (22/08/2011 from £6.39   |  Saving you £13.60 (68.00%)   |  RRP £19.99

    The award-winning series that gets under the skin of the largest animals on the planet. Most wildlife documentaries show how animals behave but by exploring their anatomy Inside Nature's Giants reveals how these creatures really work.

  • Shark Attack - The Great WhiteShark Attack - The Great White | DVD | (24/01/2005 from £7.58   |  Saving you £5.41 (41.60%)   |  RRP £12.99

    By getting closer than anyone else would dare Ian Gordon attempts to dispel the belief that the Great White is an unprovoked man-killer but instead suggests that it is a thinking social animal. Also included is an intriguing documentary revealing the terrifying prospect that the Great White Sharks are living and hunting in packs as a pattern of horrific local attacks off the waters of Chatham Island 500 miles east of New Zealand suggest.

  • Life On Earth [1979]Life On Earth | DVD | (01/09/2003 from £12.59   |  Saving you £22.40 (64.00%)   |  RRP £34.99

    Life on Earth (1979) is an epic 13-programme series, presented by David Attenborough, offering a chronological account of the flora and fauna of planet Earth over a period of 3,500 million years. Whether recounting the first journey from the sea to the land, the development of insects and flowers, or "The First Forests" and "The Lords of the Air", Attenborough's enthusiasm is infectious. He guides us through "The Infinite Variety" of life from microbes to marsupials, via an unforgettable meeting with mountain gorillas, to conclude with "The Compulsive Communicators", mankind itself. Three years in the making, involving 1.5 million miles of travel and featuring some of the most beautiful, breathtaking and ambitious photography then seen on television, Life on Earth was the first natural history blockbuster. It redefined TV by showing that an epic, serious wildlife documentary could be a massive success. As such, it remains a true television landmark and paved the way for Attenborough's The Living Planet and further entries in what became known as his "Life" series. On the DVD: Life on Earth is presented complete in this DVD box set, with a total running time of 715 minutes (13 x 55 minutes). --Gary S Dalkin

  • Wild Britain with Ray Mears [DVD]Wild Britain with Ray Mears | DVD | (18/04/2011 from £7.19   |  Saving you £12.80 (64.00%)   |  RRP £19.99

    Wild Britain With Ray Mears

  • A Lion Called Christian [DVD]A Lion Called Christian | DVD | (27/04/2009 from £9.70   |  Saving you £0.29 (2.90%)   |  RRP £9.99

    Documentary telling the story of John Rendall and Ace Bourke who bought a lion cub from Harrods in 1969 before hand-rearing the animal at their club on the Kings Road in Chelsea. After the pair met Virginia McKenna of Born Free in 1971 they flew to Kenya to release the lion whom they named Christian into the wild.

  • Safari 3D (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-Ray)Safari 3D (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-Ray) | Blu Ray | (12/12/2011 from £9.48   |  Saving you £10.51 (52.60%)   |  RRP £19.99

    Featuring jaw-dropping 3D cinematography, stirring original music, and Africa's original rock star animals, Emmy Award-winning host Hunter Ellis takes viewers on an unforgettable safari that puts them up-close and personal with the wonders of Africa. With Hunter as your very own personal safari guide, you will run with a herd of graceful gazelles, travel in a hot air balloon to soar with high-flying birds, cross the wide-open plains in an elusive hunt to track down the nearly extinct African black rhino, and scramble up a steep mountain in the rain to meet a pack of gorillas in the mist.

  • Safari 3D [DVD]Safari 3D | DVD | (12/12/2011 from £3.19   |  Saving you £11.80 (78.70%)   |  RRP £14.99

    Featuring jaw-dropping HD/3D cinematography, stirring original music, and Africa’s original rock star animals, Emmy Award-winning host Hunter Ellis takes viewers on an unforgettable safari that puts them up-close and personal with the wonders of Africa. With Hunter as your very own personal safari guide, you will run with a herd of graceful gazelles, travel in a hot air balloon to soar with high-flying birds, cross the wide-open plains in an elusive hunt to track down the nearly extinct African black rhino, and scramble up a steep mountain in the rain to meet a pack of gorillas in the mist.

  • The Moaning of Life [Blu-ray]The Moaning of Life | Blu Ray | (18/11/2013 from £3.39   |  Saving you £21.60 (86.40%)   |  RRP £24.99

    Now Karl's turned 40 and has officially hit middle age it's time for him to re-assess his life. He's not married he doesn't have kids he's got a job where he's known as an 'idiot' and he's known for being miserable. He's classic 'mid-life crisis' material. As Karl attempts to put his life in order he'll be dispatched around the world on a crash course to find out how other cultures deal with life's big questions. The ups and downs of Karl's experiences will be contrasted against the beautiful geography of the countries he visits captured on HD with stunning aerial photography.

  • Earth: The Power of the PlanetEarth: The Power of the Planet | DVD | (14/01/2008 from £4.99   |  Saving you £15.00 (75.00%)   |  RRP £19.99

    This landmark series uses specialist imaging and compelling narrative to tell the life story of our planet how it works and what makes it so special. Examining the great forces that shape the Earth - volcanoes the ocean the atmosphere and ice - the programme explores their central roles in our planet's story. How do these forces affect the Earth's landscape its climate and its history? CGI gives the audience a ringside seat at these great events while the final episode brings together all the themes of the series and argues that Earth is an exceptionally rare kind of planet - giving us a special responsibility to look after our unique world. This is a series that shows the Earth in new and surprising ways. Extensive use of satellite imagery reveals new views of our planet while timelapse filmed over many months brings the planet to life. Offering a balance between dramatic visuals and illuminating facts this ground-breaking series makes global science truly compelling.

  • River Monsters [DVD] [2009]River Monsters | DVD | (04/01/2010 from £5.49   |  Saving you £19.50 (78.00%)   |  RRP £24.99

    River Monsters (2 Discs)

  • Born Survivor: Bear GryllsBorn Survivor: Bear Grylls | DVD | (01/06/2013 from £12.93   |  Saving you £7.06 (35.30%)   |  RRP £19.99

    Born Survivor follows British Mountaineer and adventurer Bear Grylls into some of the world's most inhospitable places. Bear reveals the fundamental survival skills needed to get out alive as he attempts to find his way back to civilisation! Namibia Bear attempts to make it through a week of challenges in a place where most people wouldn't last a day: Namibia one of the hottest driest emptiest places in the world. Bear is dropped off on the treacherous Skeleton Coast and immediatley begins his quest for water as he battles searing heat and dehydration. On his journey Bear encounters a deadly puff adder climbs to the top of Brandberg Mountain and joins the San Bushman the ultimate masters of survival on a hunt for a San delicacy: porcupines. Zambia Northeast of Namibia's desert wilderness Zambia couldn't be more of a contrast. Lush and green it's home to one of the deadliest rivers in the world. Bear heads straight to a Zambezi river that is fit to burst. Armed with no more than a body board our hero plunges himself directly towards its killer rapids. This epic journey also sees Bear fishing for food in hippo and crocodile infested waters a truly incredible elephant encounter and a meal of giant bugs - all in the name of survival.

  • Discovery Channel: Nasa's Grea [Blu-ray]Discovery Channel: Nasa's Grea | Blu Ray | (14/03/2009 from £19.99   |  Saving you £10.00 (33.30%)   |  RRP £29.99

    Since the dawn of mankind we have stared up at the lights in the sky and wondered... Now join the heroic men and women of NASA who have dared the impossible on some of the greatest adventures ever undertaken the quest to reach out beyond Earth and into the great unknown of space! Discovery Channel has collaborated with NASA to reveal the epic struggles tragedies and triumphs in a bold chapter of human history.

  • India With Sanjeev BhaskerIndia With Sanjeev Bhasker | DVD | (10/09/2007 from £19.98   |  Saving you £-6.99 (-53.80%)   |  RRP £12.99

    Over the past 60 years India has changed more rapidly than any other nation on the planet. In fields as diverse as agriculture medical research and information technology India already leads the world. Sanjeev Bhaskar's quest is to get under the skin of modern India and his journey takes him from the deserts of Rajasthan to the lush tea plantations of Darjeeling high into the Himalayas along the course of the holy river Ganges and across the border to Pakistan on a mission to find the ancestral homeland that his family left behind. This upbeat adventure is set against the backdrop of a country without visual equal.

  • Wonders Of The Solar System [Blu-ray]Wonders Of The Solar System | Blu Ray | (12/04/2010 from £2.99   |  Saving you £17.00 (85.00%)   |  RRP £19.99

    Prepare to immerse yourself in an alien world as if you were standing there yourself. Professor Brian Cox takes another giant leap for humankind as images of distant alien worlds are brought into breathtaking focus. Giant ice fountains rising over 100km high; an ocean hidden beneath a frozen crust of ice; storms three times the size of Earth coloured blood red by a vortex of dust and gases; immense volcanoes that would put Mount Everest in the shade - this amazing DVD reveals the true and awesome beauty of our solar system. It's an epic journey of discovery where bizarre worlds become real places we can see feel and visit. Travelling from the Sun to the far-out reaches of Neptune Wonders of the Solar System has at its heart the latest scientific knowledge beamed back from the fleet of probes rovers and telescopes currently in space. Using the very latest images sent direct from space and spectacular CGI the series presents a spellbinding voyage around the natural wonders of the solar system capturing explosive phenomena in minute detail. Alongside these startlingly authentic images some of the most spectacular extreme locations on Earth help to reveal wonders never thought possible. Wonders of The World explores how these previously unseen phenomena have dramatically expanded our horizons revealing more about the planets their moons and how they came to be the way they are. The series also looks at the big picture - how the forces of nature carved out beauty and order from the chaos of space; how our home planet doesn't sit in magnificent isolation but is intimately connected with the rest of the Solar System; and how these connections have created the haven we call Earth.

  • Sesame Street - Old School Volume 3 [DVD]Sesame Street - Old School Volume 3 | DVD | (25/11/2013 from £16.16   |  Saving you £3.83 (19.20%)   |  RRP £19.99

    Founded in 1969 Sesame Street changed television forever. In countries across the globe Sesame Street reaches children and adults in a powerful and vibrant way using localised content characters and sets all delivered with Sesame fun fur and silliness.

  • Wildlife Paradise - WolvesWildlife Paradise - Wolves | DVD | (10/10/2005 from £6.46   |  Saving you £-0.47 (-7.80%)   |  RRP £5.99

    Wildlife Paradise treats you to a very special trip to the beautiful Yellowstone Park to visit its extraordinary inhabitants! We explore the domain of the ever fascinating Gray Wolf which only recently has been reintroduced into the park. Experience the cause behind the wolf's cruel extermination and subsequently it's restoration. You're sure to feel a participant as we follow the different packs of stunning wolves through a backdrop of sheer winter beauty. Most importantly you will also witness the changes that occur when courageous people become actively involved in fi ghting for our precious wildlife!

  • Great White Silence (DVD + Blu-ray) [1924]Great White Silence (DVD + Blu-ray) | Blu Ray | (20/06/2011 from £11.98   |  Saving you £8.01 (40.10%)   |  RRP £19.99

    The official record of Captain Scott's legendary expedition to the South Pole fully restored by the BFI and featuring a with new musical score by Simon Fisher Turner. Released on DVD & Blu-ray for the first time ever. Scott described Herbert Ponting as 'an artist in love with his work' and after the Antarctic expedition's tragic outcome Ponting devoted the rest of his life to ensuring that the grandeur of the Antarctic and of the expedition's heroism would not be forgotten. The images that he captured have fired imaginations ever since. Now the BFI National Archive - custodian of the expedition negatives - has restored the film using the latest photochemical and digital techniques and reintroduced the film's sophisticated use of colour. The alien beauty of the landscape is brought dramatically to life showing the world of the expedition in brilliant detail.

  • Arctic TaleArctic Tale | DVD | (08/09/2008 from £3.00   |  Saving you £9.99 (76.90%)   |  RRP £12.99

    Two narratives -- the life cycle of a mother walrus and her calf, and the life of a polar bear and her cubs -- are used to illustrate the harsh realities of existence in the Arctic.

  • Brecon Beacons National Park [DVD]Brecon Beacons National Park | DVD | (05/08/2008 from £12.74   |  Saving you £0.25 (1.90%)   |  RRP £12.99

    Ben Fogle well known popular presenter of the BBC's Animal Park and Countryfile introduces this delightful and informative official DVD about the Brecon Beacons National Park. Covering 519 square miles and boasting some of Europe's finest landscapes the Brecon Beacons National Park is quite simply fantastic. Filmed throughout the seasons join Iolo Williams as he visits Llanngor Lake Pwll y Wrach Nature Reserve Big Pit Mine Museum walks in the Fforest Fawr Geopark and marvels at underground wonders in the National Show caves. See Pen Y Fan and Carreg Cennan Castle from the air; stunning close ups of the Park's wildlife plus pony trekking hang gliding abseiling and canoeing. The Programme also includes the Brecon Mountain Railway Waterfalls and The British Heart Foundation's Three Peak Challenge.

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