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Magnetic by The Goo Goo Dolls

  • Artist:The Goo Goo Dolls
  • Media:Audio CD
  • Released: 10 June 2013
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    • Rebel Beat
    • When the World Breaks Your Heart
    • Slow It Down
    • Caught in the Storm
    • Come to Me
    • Bringing on the Light
    • More of You
    • BulletProofAngel
    • Last Hot Night
    • Happiest of Days
    • Keep the Car Running

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  • Alex Decker - 26/09/2013

    4 Stars

    Magnetic I often think that life moves way too fast, and I'm constantly hoping that I could just "Slow it Down", to make the most of my life. This is exactly what The Goo Goo Dolls' tenth studio album is about; fuelled with hope, optimism and a new rejuvenation of life, the band has put together what is arguable their most original and best album to date. Brilliantly titled Magnetic, John Rzeznik (the band's lead singer, guitarist and songwriter) has brought many forces together on this latest album, from multiple producers to several collaborations with other artists, there's a reason why the album is so hard to pull away from. With much influence and inspiration being pulled from their own happy lives, the band (that also includes bassist Robby Takac and drummer Mike Malinin) felt that it was a time for change from the dark, gloomy music of their past album: 'Something for the Rest of Us'. With Rzeznik due to get married and Takac celebrating the birth of his first child, there was a much needed change in focus in this album from their previous. The album kicks into life straight from the get go, with the celebratory 'Rebel Beat', a single that makes you want to "Dance till the morning" just to make the most of the precious time you get to have on Earth. Moving onto a personal favourite of mine, 'When the World breaks your Heart', the second song on the album represents the hardship that many people face in their lives. The song's all about having that one unquestioning friend who'll be there for you in life to "Put it back together". Thirdly we have 'Slow it Down'. Most likely the song that defines what this album is all about, 'Slow it Down' demonstrates that it's okay that life is moving fast because all we have to do is "Slow it Down" and enjoy it while it lasts. Moving on, we Rzeznik's personal favourite 'Come to Me'. Written in homage to his fiancé, Come to Me shows that it's never too late in life to find that someone special to spend the rest of your life with, as Rzeznik sings "Today's the day I'll make you mine, so get me to the church on time". In addition my favourite song from Takac in this album is called 'Happiest of Days', and really the title sums it up for you. It implies that your happiest days are never behind you and that your life is what you make of it. Lastly, 'Keep the Car Running' really is fuel for life. All about the disillusionment of youth, about wanting to escape, but also an earnest love letter to Rzeznik's fiancé, implying that he'll go anywhere with her and be anything as he's "keeping the car running". To conclude this is another great album from the band from Buffalo. Although very different from previous albums, it's a sure fire not to disappoint. With traditional Goo Goo Doll's songs like 'Keep the Car Running' to a taste of something fresh like 'More of You', the energy within the album is a rejoicing change from 'Something for the Rest of Us'. With the band now heading in the right direction, the future definitely looks bright and they're certainly 'Bringing on the 'Lime' Light'.