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Sunny Side Up by Paolo Nutini

  • Artist:Paolo Nutini
  • Media:Audio CD
  • Label: Warner
  • Released: 01 June 2009
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    • 10/10
    • Coming Up Easy
    • Growing Up Beside You
    • Candy
    • Tricks Of The Trade
    • Pencil Full Of Lead
    • No Other Way
    • High Hopes
    • Chamber Music
    • Simple Things
    • Worried Man
    • Keep Rolling

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  • Sean Anderson - 17/10/2011

    4 Stars

    This is Paolo's second album and, despite having also enjoyed his first album, he has managed to refresh himself and pull off a different style capably.

    The album can be separated into two distinct halves. The first has a distinctive jazzy sound, while the second is more folk. It might seem gimmicky and mismatched, but I enjoy the variation.

    What is great about this album is that he's trying something different. It's refreshing to hear an album with a kind of music that you don't often hear.

    This is real feel-good music. You can't resist doing a jig to a lot of the tracks and it's ideal for sticking on in the background in the summer to relax.

    There's a real sense that Paolo isn't just churning it out, but also having a good time singing it. It's noticeable when music is performed enthusiastically. He also demonstrates this on live performances.

    What remains to be seen is if he can reinvent himself again for his third album or if he will become a bit too whacky.

    A fun album. Don't look into it too deeply: just enjoy!

  • hazel rigazio - 07/02/2010

    4 Stars

    I received this album as a Christmas present and wasn't really sure what to expect but I was more than pleasantly surprised. Such a clever fusion of styles from reggae, folk to jazz. His voice is so diverse and mature for his young age. Very uplifting and feel good songs, each and every song is so different in style and content. The album is an infectious, hand and foot tapping brilliant collection of songs . Most people who listen to my album have gone out and brought it too and all described it as 'wonderfully infectious'