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Stand Up Comedy DVD's

Looking for a reasonably priced gift that will be appreciated again and again. Everyone loves a good stand up comedian but some are so much better than others. Sometimes it is a joy to go back to old favourites like Billy Connolly in his prime, sometimes you need someone more contemporary such as Russell Howard. We have pulled together a collection of the best for you to compare prices.

  • Victoria Wood - Live Victoria Wood - Live | DVD | (13/11/2006 from £5.99   |  Saving you £7.00 (116.86%)   |  RRP £12.99

    Over half a million people packed into over 200 venues throughout the country during 1997 to see her best show ever. This tour included an unprecedented fifteen night sell-out run at the Royal Albert Hall which the media hailed as the best stand-up show of the decade. With her cheek charm and dazzling wordplay she reduced her audience to a state of delirium. Recorded during her record-breaking tour Victoria Wood - Live is your opportunity to see the queen of humour at her most brilliant.

  • Peter Kay - Live At The Top Of The Tower [2000] Peter Kay - Live At The Top Of The Tower [2000] | DVD | (22/11/2004 from £4.09   |  Saving you £15.90 (79.50%)   |  RRP £19.99

    For his first video Live at the Top of the Tower, Bolton comedian, actor and Channel 4 star Peter Kay returns to his roots--both as a stand up and by performing live in Blackpool, his childhood haunt. Bolstered by the acclaim heaped on his two television series (That Peter Kay Thing and Phoenix Nights), Kay is very much at the top of his game. Odd then that his live routine suffers from something of a false start, relying on characters from and references to his TV show and an awkward batch of jokes. Once settled though, Kay happily emerges as one of the funniest men in the country. His humour is fairly traditional in its sources but succeeds by its very universality. Much is made both of his family life and growing up in the 1980s, the reasons why he makes such a great guest on the rash of television shows dissecting the decade. His style will be very familiar to fans of Phoenix Nights (his words on the Northern club circuit: "tomorrow's acts at yesterday's prices, today"--are straight from his Brian Potter character) and his acting and writing have obviously been hugely influenced by his life as a stand up. He emerges from the video as a great visual comic, a brilliant mimic and an inspired observationalist--his piece on the perils of Teletext is one of the highlights. Those who have taken to the likes of Mark Park, Cheryl Avenue, Jerry Sinclair and Kay's countless other creations should not hesitate when it comes to Live at the Top of the Tower, nor should anyone else with a sense of humour. --Phil Udell

  • Sarah Millican: Outsider [DVD] Sarah Millican: Outsider [DVD] | DVD | (21/11/2016 from £9.49   |  Saving you £N/A (N/A%)   |  RRP £N/A

    Sarah Millican returns with her biggest tour yet, Outsider. In the past when you put Sarah Millican outside, she asked things like: ˜Why? Where is the taxi? Do I need a cardie?' and said things like: ˜There'll be wasps. I've nothing to sit on. Is that poo? Can we go home?' But things have changed. Now she has outside slippers. She can tell a chaffinch from a tit (hey). But she still can't tell if it's an owl or her husband's asthma. Sarah Millican is venturing outside. Bring a cardie.

  • Billy Connolly - Live 2002 Billy Connolly - Live 2002 | DVD | (11/10/2004 from £5.49   |  Saving you £14.50 (72.50%)   |  RRP £19.99

    As you might have guessed already, Billy Connolly Live 2002 presents highlights from the Big Yin's 2002 stage tour. The programme is divided in two, the first part offering an hour from his Dublin show, the second delivering 45 minutes of highlights from eight other performances. Now 60, age has not withered Connolly--even if, as he is fond of reminding us, his pubic hair has turned grey--and his restless energy, enthusiasm, casual obscenity, and anger is as intense as ever. He is also, of course, still very, very funny. Whether talking about the horrors of a prostrate examination or reminiscing about a prank played by fellow ex-Humblebum Gerry Rafferty, Connolly has the Dublin audience in hysterics. Killarney is treated to an explanation of why he hates beaches and Newcastle gets a wonderful demonstration of how his wife suffers from his sleep apnoea. In London, Billy delivers a spot-on lecture on the difficulty of buying an airline ticket, while Manchester discovers "Hungry Bum Syndrome", and Bournemouth gets a hilarious tale involving vegemite and bed sheets. Finally Connolly's Sheffield account of filming a sex scene for the movie The Big Man (1990) is just priceless. Crude, rude and not for the remotely easily offended, this is Connolly the stand-up comedian on top form. --Gary S Dalkin

  • Billy Connolly Live in London 2010 [DVD] Billy Connolly Live in London 2010 [DVD] | DVD | (15/11/2010 from £3.97   |  Saving you £18.02 (81.90%)   |  RRP £21.99

    Finally the wait is over. Billy Connolly the King of Comedy returns in his first brand new stand up DVD for three years. As funny topical and downright brilliant as ever Billy Connolly: Live In London 2010 is the master at his best. From raging about Britain's political elite to reporting about the oddities of America Live In London 2010 takes the audience on a hilarious series of anecdotes digressions and yarns. Filmed this year during 20 sell out nights at London's Hammersmith Apollo this is the show that caused a ticket website to crash from the demand when it first went on sale. Clearly Billy Connolly is still the nation's favourite and now you can enjoy for yourself over two hours of this unmissable show. Whether you've been a fan since the beginning or you want to see the very best of British comedy right now you won't be disappointed.

  • Sean Lock: Live 2008/Live 2010/Purple Van Man [DVD] Sean Lock: Live 2008/Live 2010/Purple Van Man [DVD] | DVD | (17/11/2014 from £10.00   |  Saving you £9.99 (50.00%)   |  RRP £19.99

    Includes Sean Lock Live, Lockipedia Live and Purple Van Man.

  • Billy Connolly - An Audience With Billy Connolly - An Audience With | DVD | (14/11/2005 from £6.95   |  Saving you £6.04 (46.50%)   |  RRP £12.99

    The unmistakable Scottish comedian leads an audience of celebrities through an unforgettable night of comedy. In the audience are Britain's finest from the world of music and theatre including Bob Hoskins Bob Geldof Michael Parkinson and many others. All the necessary ingredients are there: shouting long winded stories about priests your first grey pubic hair the funny walks it's all there in a wonderful perfromance from Connolly. Billy also shows his mastery of comic improvisa

  • Billy Connolly: High Horse Tour [DVD] Billy Connolly: High Horse Tour [DVD] | DVD | (14/11/2016 from £5.99   |  Saving you £14.00 (70.00%)   |  RRP £19.99

    The legend returns in his ˜High Horse Tour'! Connolly's one of the all time greats of stand-up. Without him, modern comedy would look very different indeed. Even at the age of 72, the legendary Scot has a wild, manic energy, and is still as sharp as ever.

  • Michael Mcintyre: The Complete Live Collection [DVD] Michael Mcintyre: The Complete Live Collection [DVD] | DVD | (14/11/2016 from £10.00   |  Saving you £-1.48 (-17.40%)   |  RRP £8.52

    Collection of four live stage performances by British comedian Michael McIntyre. In 'Live and Laughing', Michael is shown on stage during his 2008 UK tour, 'Hello Wembley' sees him perform at Wembley Arena in October 2009, 'Showtime' includes footage from his sell-out arena tour of 2012 and 'Happy and Glorious' captures his performance at the O2 Arena in London as part of his 2015 tour.

  • Frankie Boyle Live - Tramadol Nights [DVD] [2011] Frankie Boyle Live - Tramadol Nights [DVD] [2011] | DVD | (21/11/2011 from £6.39   |  Saving you £0.60 (8.60%)   |  RRP £6.99

    This first solo series from the razor-sharp Glaswegian comic blends acerbic stand-up with hilarious sketches crafted in the darkest recesses of the human psyche...

  • Billy Connolly - Live At The Odeon Hammersmith London [1991] Billy Connolly - Live At The Odeon Hammersmith London [1991] | DVD | (11/10/2004 from £17.79   |  Saving you £2.20 (11.00%)   |  RRP £19.99

    Unexpurgated Billy Connolly at the Odeon Hammersmith London June 1991. Includes: Doomsday Parliament Sheep Dogs Japanese Dogs Shark On A Leash Doggy Sex Chatting Up Women Scottish Scones Blue Haired Women Father Crimplene Suit Loonies Knickers It's Not Easy Being A Man Multiple Orgasms Women's Movement Sunny Spain Inventing Walks Scottish Football Sumo Wrestlers Underpants Tweed Trousers Army Beds Scottish Holidays Also Included: 'Billy Connolly Live 199

  • Peter Kay - Live At The Bolton Albert Halls [2003] Peter Kay - Live At The Bolton Albert Halls [2003] | DVD | (10/11/2003 from £5.89   |  Saving you £10.10 (63.20%)   |  RRP £15.99

    Just a quick taxi ride from his mum's house, Peter Kay comes home to play Live at the Bolton Albert Halls. A packed and appreciative audience--sprinkled with Corrie stars for added glamour--relish the prodigal son's return. As his first stand-up show, Live at the Top of the Tower, demonstrated, Kay is a master of the mundane, finding hilarity in the previously unnoticed details of family life: here, Gran in her warden-protected flat, the funny way that dads run, and going to the supermarket with Mum are all mined for comic riches. Kay is an inspired mimic and observer of social interactions: in a tour-de-force segment he takes us to a typical wedding reception where we meet incoherent DJs, bitchy female friends of the bride, uncles embarrassing themselves on the dancefloor and little boys sliding on their knees. References to "the big light", Mum's preferred "Rola Cola" and garlic bread are thematic strands from his earlier show, developed here in Dad's horrified discovery of "cheese cake". Although Kay's observations play on his northern upbringing he generally avoids stereotypical north-south jokes; but here on home turf he can't resist mentioning the vexed issue of southern fish-and-chip shops with their lack of mushy peas, curry sauce and gravy ("have you got owt moist?"), and can even risk a little dig at Mancunians--which always goes down well with a Bolton crowd. Genial, nostalgic and unapologetically rooted in a Coronation Street worldview, Kay's comedy is both specific to time and place, and universal in its celebration of the everyday. --Mark Walker

  • Lee Mack: The Live Collection [DVD] Lee Mack: The Live Collection [DVD] | DVD | (30/11/2015 from £12.88   |  Saving you £7.11 (35.60%)   |  RRP £19.99

    FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER ALL THREE OF LEE MACK'S CRITICALLY-ACCLAIMED STAND-UP DVDS ARE AVAILABLE IN ONE PLACE! Join the BAFTA-winning star of NOT GOING OUT and WOULD I LIE TO YOU? In three smash hit shows, LEE MACK LIVE, LEE MACK GOING OUT and LEE MACK: HIT THE ROAD MACK. Recorded during three sold out tours, this is a chance to see one of Britain's finest stand-ups at the very top of his game.

  • Sarah Millican - Thoroughly Modern Millican Live [DVD] Sarah Millican - Thoroughly Modern Millican Live [DVD] | DVD | (12/11/2012 from £5.49   |  Saving you £9.50 (63.40%)   |  RRP £14.99

    After becoming the best-selling female comedian of all time with her debut stand-up DVD, Sarah Millican is back with 'Thoroughly Modern Millican Live'.Sarah's had a phenomenal twelve months. She was crowned the Queen of Comedy (People's Choice) at the 2011 British Comedy Awards, launched her own series on BBC2 and her second national tour, 'Thoroughly Modern Millican', was a complete sell-out with extra dates added due to the phenomenal demand. 'Thoroughly Modern Millican Live' is Sarah's brand new live DVD. Ever wondered how to make a home-made treadmill? Or the practicalities of an orgy. Wonder no more. If your glass is half full, she'll top it up.Packed with exclusive extras.

  • Victoria Wood - At The Albert Hall - Live [2002] Victoria Wood - At The Albert Hall - Live [2002] | DVD | (25/11/2002 from £10.23   |  Saving you £5.76 (36.00%)   |  RRP £15.99

    Victoria Wood Live at the Albert Hall provides proof, if any were needed, that after two decades at the top of her profession, Wood is one of a small handful of British comedians of either sex capable of filling the country's largest venues. For the consistently high quality of her penetrating observations of the mundane she has no equal. Recorded in 2001, this performance has all the hallmarks of her microscopic examinations of life's perplexing minutiae and trivia. From her recent hysterectomy to Paul Daniels, from the NHS help line to wheelie bin covers, from Americans in Disneyworld to the ageism of catalogue mailing lists, nothing escapes Wood's attention. Not even in-vogue authors: she refuses to read "Captain Corelli's friggin' Mandolin" as it sits reproachfully at her bedside. Wood even provides her own interval act: a devastatingly accurate parody of a vulgar, second-rate cabaret singer shot to stardom on the wings of a cruise ship docu-soap. Jane McDonald's sense of humour will never face a harder test. More poignant are Wood's observations on parenthood and marriage, with all the physical ailments of middle age ("We've only got one fully operating leg between us"). She has since separated from her husband, the magician Geoffrey Durham. Fans will await the impact of that on her stand-up material with some interest. --Piers Ford

  • John Bishop Supersonic Live at the Royal Albert Hall [DVD] [2015] John Bishop Supersonic Live at the Royal Albert Hall [DVD] [2015] | DVD | (16/11/2015 from £2.49   |  Saving you £17.50 (87.50%)   |  RRP £19.99

    John Bishop's back! After taking time out to write his autobiography, John limbered up again for his third sell-out national Arena tour, ending with a special one-off show at London's iconic Royal Albert Hall. This latest comedy caper by the immensely talented John Bishop was described as the funniest two hours you'll have anywhere, anytime soon by The Daily Mirror. So grab your copy, sit back and prepare for maximum comedy! Extras: A JOKE TOO FAR OUTTAKES FAN TWITTER Q & A

  • Russell Howard: Wonderbox Live [DVD] Russell Howard: Wonderbox Live [DVD] | DVD | (24/11/2014 from £5.69   |  Saving you £14.30 (71.50%)   |  RRP £19.99

    Russell Howard returns to his first love live stand-up with his first tour for three years – Wonderbox In this new show the star and creator of the award-winning hit TV show Russell Howard’s Good News promises us more of his trademark brand of upbeat and razor-sharp comedy. Don’t miss the chance to see this unique comedian on his biggest tour to date; back on stage on-top of the world doing what he does best.

  • Billy Connolly - Live - The Greatest Hits [2001] Billy Connolly - Live - The Greatest Hits [2001] | DVD | (04/11/2004 from £5.00   |  Saving you £14.99 (75.00%)   |  RRP £19.99

    A compendium of the legendary Scottish stand-up’s finest live moments, Billy Connolly’s Greatest Hits takes us on an odyssey of ridiculous facial hair and fart gags that spans almost 25 years. We start in 1975 with the Big Yin sporting his famous outsize banana boots and follow our man as he matures from an endearing gag merchant into a skilful observational master. Connolly’s appeal has always been that of the engaging bloke down the pub: you don’t so much laugh along with the material as get caught up in the hysteria as tangents follow tangents and the plot is lost in a fit of giggles. Almost uniquely in the dark days of the mid 70s, Connolly always had a sense of decorum in his stage act, even when his material was predominantly about swearing, shagging and "jobbies". He was never hateful or motivated by prejudice, preferring instead to cast a bemused child’s eye upon the stupidity of the world. The highlights are gentle if occasionally crude: Billy’s guide to "more fulfilling masturbation", thoughts on plastic surgery and the evil of Toblerone. Billy even muses about ageing which is interesting as this video proves he’s been a gloriously overgrown teenager all along. --Ian Watson

  • Peter Kay Live - The Tour That Doesn't Tour [DVD] Peter Kay Live - The Tour That Doesn't Tour [DVD] | DVD | (07/11/2011 from £6.49   |  Saving you £15.50 (70.50%)   |  RRP £21.99

    He's back! One of Britain's best loved comedians finally brings his record breaking Tour That Doesn't Tour Tour to DVD. With his first live tour in 7 years playing to over one million people this hilarious new show sees Peter back on nights doing what he does best live stand-up comedy.

  • The Ultimate Eddie Izzard Collection [DVD] [2009] The Ultimate Eddie Izzard Collection [DVD] [2009] | DVD | (30/11/2009 from £27.51   |  Saving you £17.48 (38.90%)   |  RRP £44.99

    Ultimate Eddie Izzard Collection: Definite Article / Unrepeatable / Glorious / Circle / Sexie / Stripped / Dress To Kill (7 Discs)